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Vision, Performance, Impact

Alexis Consulting provides tools, training and strategies for non-profit organizations that want to make a bigger impact. With over two decades of fundraising and non-profit management experience.

Strategic Development

Strengthen your organization in order to create sustainable growth and impact.

Donor Engagement

Focus on the best prospects who can help ramp up your development efforts to achieve your mission.

Major & Planned Gift Consulting

Understand the strategies, tactics and tools that create greater income growth for your organization.

Alexis Consulting provides tools, training, and strategies.

For Non-Profit Organizations That Want To Make A Bigger Impact On The Missions They Serve.

Non-profit organizations provide communities critical support and services that allow them to thrive and prosper. While these organizations utilize expert professionals and volunteers to successfully achieve their mission, they often lack the confidence and understanding to effectively raise the funds that are essential if they hope to achieve greater success. With over two decades of experience in fundraising and non-profit management Alexis Consulting can provide your organization the development coaching, training and strategic support you need to raise greater income and increase impact.

We provide visionary organizations the opportunity to transform development strategies in ways that lead to sustainable fund raising success.

Our experts have helped organizations raise millions of dollars in support of philanthropy.

We provide visionary organizations with the opportunity to transform their purpose and their goals in ways that lead in sustainable fundraising success.  When it comes to raising money, fundraising is not a choice for non-profit organizations but it is a necessity. It is the lifeblood that keeps their vision, mission, and very existence alive.

Alexis Consulting specializes in effective fundraising practices that lead to improved and increased donations from donors and sponsors. We provide you with the tools to make this happen so you can better implement your charitable goals and execute your mission more effectively. At Alexis Consulting, the future looks brighter not just for your organization, but also the communities you help and the mission you serve.

Alexis Consulting
Life Cycle of a Donor

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Making Events Great Again!

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The Psychology of Solicitation: Reciprocity

In his bestselling book, Influence, Robert Cialdini changed the way professionals in sales and acquisitions understand the science of persuasion.  In fundraising, there are many …

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How Planned Giving Can Enhance Your Fundraising Program

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Afraid to Ask???

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Getting Back To Meeting

The recent social distance requirements in response to Covid19 have presented major gift fundraisers numerous challenges.  Interpersonal relationships are the foundation of strong and growing …

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